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Sunday, 19 February 2012

98:Russian weddings

My friends Liam and Larissa got married in Moscow on Friday. I wish them a long a happy marriage. 
I had been given an invite but unfortunately had to miss it because I am in UK for the weekend. I'm sure it would have been a lovely day for the happy couple. Liam is English and Larissa is Russian so it would have been interesting to see how British and Russian wedding traditions and rites were combined. I understand about 20 of Liam's friends and family came over for the ceremony. The official part of Russian weddings is carried out in a registry office (ЗАГС) rather than a church. In accordance with Russian tradition, there would have been many more (vodka) toasts to the Bride and Groom than is usual in UK. I hope Liam's visitors from UK coped successfully with the extra intake of vodka, all in a good cause of course. 
Liam and Larissa have gone to Suzdal for their honeymoon, a very small and picturesque town on the Golden Ring.
I look forward to seeing the wedding photos when we are all back in Moscow.

Two links today: the first one is from a Russian blogger living in the U.S. who describes the way weddings are carried out in Russia:
and the second from a teacher of English called "Mr Duncan" who has produced a series of videos about learning English. This particular clip is about a wedding in UK:

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  1. "I hope Liam's visitors from UK coped successfully with the extra intake of vodka..." -

    ну, да, их ведь поили насильно...