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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

100:Happy anniversary DesInRussia

My one hundredth blog. Any day now and the Man Booker prize team should be in touch to offer me my reward! Perhaps not. My blog is a labour of love. When I'm not plagiarizing from other people's blogs that is. Like today, for example.
Another comprehensive blog from Alex Jude, this time all about sharing and individualism. I agree entirely with what he has written
but would like to add a few words of my own to it.
Paying for a meal in a pub/restaurant
There are two ways of doing this - depending on who you are eating with. By far the most common way, and the easiest, is to just split the bill by the number of people attending and each person pays equal shares. Sometimes though people insist on paying only for what they have eaten and drunk and then it becomes a case of itemising every item on the bill and collecting just the right amount of money from each person. OK, so perhaps they haven't eaten as much as person 'A' or drunk as much as person 'B' but they had the chance to and next time perhaps they will eat/drink more than the others. 
Good/bad service
Usually in UK, when people get good service they show their appreciation by tipping the waiting staff. 10% is quite common. When they get bad service they complain and expect a rebate/discount from the bill. This latter concept hasn't reached Russia yet, as far as I know....  

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