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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

106:Mister Dez

Mondays, for me, are busy days. Usually I leave the flat at 0700 and get back at about 2300. This isn't a complaint, I chose this lifestyle. It's just setting the scene.
My briefcase was so heavy yesterday that the handle broke. The briefcase fell to the ground and almost disappeared under the wheels of the bus I had just got off. I guess that could have turned my laptop into an ultra-thin version! Lady luck is still with me.
I shall take the briefcase to be repaired by one of the many local artisans. 
A useful English expression is "flying off the handle". This is used when you are upset about something. Somebody might say to you during an argument: "don't fly off the handle."

On Monday evenings I have a two-hour lesson at one of the local colleges. Four very nice, very talented, young students, aged 18-20. Last night one of them presented me with a packet of washing powder. Let me quickly add that it was not that he was complaining about my personal hygiene or standards of cleanliness, at least I hope not, but rather because of the picture on the front of the packet. It seems I have acquired a new nickname.

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