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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

95:Why Russians don't smile

Today's blog is a bit of a cop out!
I am indebted to my colleague Alex Jude. who is a teacher of English in Omsk, for allowing me to plagiarize his blog. 
It is a great, well I think so anyway, article on why "Westerners" do and Russians don't smile.
I commend it to you.
You can find it at:
His website is at:

On the way home today I saw where a tram had been in a minor collision with a truck. In Russia every accident has to be investigated by the traffic police. This can be quite a lengthy wait, depending on how busy they are at the time. Of course all the trams following the one in the accident had to wait as well. I saw 6 stacked up behind the one directly involved. Doubtless more would slowly back up. Everybody waiting at tram stops in front of the accident would be wondering what had happened to the trams. Poor them. At least the weather has improved significantly.

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