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Sunday, 26 February 2012

104:A visit to the planetarium

I had been wanting to visit the Moscow planetarium for quite some time. The last twice I turned up the queues were too long for me, such is the popularity of the place. The queues stretched from the entrance right back to the road. This time though, my luck was in. I arrived and bought a ticket straightaway for a performance starting a couple of hours later.
What to do for a few hours? I wandered, aimlessly, around some of the streets of Moscow and quite by chance, perhaps, found myself outside the John Bull pub at Smolenskiy. What should I do but go in and partake of a little light refreshment. After a light snack of nachos and chilli, washed down with a pint of John Bull bitter, I left to go back to the planetarium, suitably refreshed.
Just as I arrived, in good time for the show, horror of horrors, I realised I no longer had my rucksack with me. It contained my laptop, Yota egg, and some stereo headphones. How terrible that would be to lose those things. 
Lady luck was smiling at me yet again. I dashed back to the pub and the rucksack was waiting for me behind the bar. слава Богу! The day was saved.
I got back to the planetarium to see the performance. It was fantastic. I would recommend a trip to a planetarium for those of you who have never been before.

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