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Friday, 10 February 2012

91:Nothing surprises me here!

I was amused this morning when I saw that my courtesy bus driver was watching a small TV that he had jury-rigged to sit on his dashboard.
The amusement turned to astonishment when he drove off with it still playing and I could see his head keep turning to look at the screen. One eye on the TV and one on the road. At least I'm assuming that part of his brain was monitoring the road and his attention wasn't completely taken up by whatever was showing on the tiny TV. Still, arrived safely at my destination.

Today's photo is of Komsomolskaya metro, after the morning rush hour. The station is under a busy transport hub where three main line stations have their termini. It was opened on 30th January 1952.

If you really want to know more about it (?) then here is a link to the Wikipedia article.


  1. I heard about a bus driver in London who got fired for playing Grand Theft Auto on his PSP. I guess it is a pretty tedious job, but still...

    1. И в Англии такое бывает?????? НЕ МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ!!!! А вот автор блога о таком никогда бы сам не написал...