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Friday, 28 March 2014

293: Almost Happy Birthday

In Russia it's considered bad luck, or perhaps it's just bad form, to celebrate a birthday before the event. Here in UK if a person is going to be away on his/her birthday we celebrate either before or after (or sometimes before and after).
So, it was perfectly in order for a cake to be baked in honour of my 21st birthday next week. And here it is. Or rather was, because it's half eaten now. I had enough puff to blow out the candle as I did it before I went for my run.
This evening a small, select, group of people is going to the Pike and Eel at Needingworth for a birthday meal.
The Pike And Eel Hotel is situated on the banks of the River Great Ouse.

Here, apropos of nothing, is a picture for my Russian readers. As far as I know the concept of cleaning up after ones dog hasn't reached Russia. Yet ?

I went to see a musical in Peterborough last night (life is just one long Bacchanalia!). It was called Sweet Charity and was performed by a local amateur dramatics (AmDram) group (Westwood Musical Society). Here is a short video clip of the musical (although not from last night).

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