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Friday, 4 April 2014

294: Pluses and minuses - the tipping point

Everything in life has pluses and minuses attached to it. When the minuses significantly outweigh the pluses a tipping point has been reached and it becomes necessary to change that particular element of your life, perhaps by changing jobs, or location, or both.
Today's big minus struck my olfactory organ as soon as I walked in the flat this afternoon. The smell of urine was, and still is, overpowering. Periodically the dog of the upstairs neighbour (at least I'm assuming it's a dog!!) pees on the kitchen floor. Somehow it drains down through their floor onto my window sill and then onto my kitchen floor. The picture only shows a small puddle because I've already cleaned it up once. It will take time and lots of mopping up to rid the flat of the foul stench.

I've spoken to the landlord who shrugged his shoulders and said it happens from time to time. They've spoken to the neighbour on several occasions but it doesn't stop it happening. Thanks!
The next minus is the weather, not that anything can be done about that of course. We had a lot of snow earlier in the week but most of it has disappeared, leaving just a patchwork kind of effect on the ground.
Photo: 1 апреля...
Ну и что это за фигня?!
from a friend's FB entry earlier this week.
how quickly it melts
But it's snowing again now, even as I write this. Everybody will be glad when winter finally leaves us and we see some extended sunshine.
Talking about sunshine, I've booked a week on the Costa Brava at the end of June. I want to investigate whether there is a market to teach hotel staff to speak Russian and Russian holidaymakers to speak English. And to soak up the sun myself, of course. Perhaps the beginnings of an exit strategy for when the tipping point is finally reached.
On the plus side, and there are still lots of pluses, is the kindness and generosity of the Russian people. Look at this beautiful porcelain tea service I was given yesterday as a birthday present.

I've got to follow that picture of the tea service with Bernard Cribbins' 1962 song "Right said Fred". Nice animation too!

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