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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

260:Farewell to Scotland

A few pictorial observations, just to finish off my recent trip to Scotland.
Busking in Inverness High Street.
The writing on the drum says
"The Bang on Boogie Band"
here is a You Tube clip (if you're really interested!)

Couldn't resist snapping this.
"Haggis adventures",
should you want more wild and sexy
can be found at:

Seagulls at 12 o'clock!
I shudder to think what it does to the paintwork.

The road South, through the Highlands.
As they say in that part of the world: haste ye back. 

I don't know why it flashed into my mind but yesterday evening I was reminded of the old expression used to get young children to go to bed:"up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire". Here is a you tube clip with Vera Lynn, one of our national treasures, singing it in 1936! Any of my readers remember this!

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