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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

258: Mr Munro

Last Friday, together with my friend Alisdair, I drove to the Cairngorms and  "conquered" another Munro - my 13th. We walked for 7½ hours and my legs were like jelly for days afterwards.
Munros are Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet high and there are about 280 of them. The list is updated periodically as the measuring of the height of mountains becomes ever more accurate as (satellite) technology evolves.
Aficionados have "bagged" all the Munros but as I only ever manage one, or occasionally two, each year I fear I'm never going to join that elite band.
The Munro we "climbed" (walked up) last week is called, in Gaelic, Mullach Clach a' Bhlair. In English it means simply "summit of the stony plain".
Here are some photos I took on the day:

Today's video clip could only be (Ike and) Tina Turner singing River Deep and Mountain High. Enjoy.

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