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Saturday, 24 August 2013

259: бывший НАТОВЕЦ!

On this day, 24th August, in 1949 NATO came into existence to counter the Soviet military presence in Eastern Europe. Initially the Headquarters was in France but it moved to Belgium in 1951.
Many years later I came along to play my part in helping to keep the peace.
The world has changed dramatically in recent years - come to that, so have I!

In Scotland, earlier this week, my friend and I finally opened the "Soviet" ration packs that we had bought from the Central Army museum in Moscow earlier this year. It was very interesting comparing the contents with our own British ration packs, fondly called compo. There were many similarities.

Two contrasting video clips today, both about soldiers. One says nobody wants to be a hero and the other is based on a true story of heroism in Northern Ireland.

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