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Saturday, 17 August 2013

257:The train journey North

On Tuesday (how can it be Saturday already?) I took the train North. Two trains actually, one from Peterborough to York and another from York to Inverness.
A lovely journey. The first class ticket, bought in advance with my Senior Person's Railcard, was only £65 and the journey included free food (sandwiches) and almost as many G&Ts as I could drink.
The first photograph shows 2 "train spotters". When I spoke to them they insisted they were "railway enthusiasts" (train spotters have a bit of an anorak image). As far as I know this is a peculiarly British pastime where grown men spend all day on a railway station platform taking note of which trains pass through. 

2 out of 3 "railway enthusiasts". The third one was shy and declined to have his picture taken.

This was pulling my first train and was continuing to Edinburgh. It wasn't flying but was fairly zipping along.

If I'd only been a bit quicker off the mark I could have got all of Edinburgh castle in the shot!

If only all train travel was to this fine, bygone, standard

These two pictures are of a train standing in Inverness station heading I know not where.

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