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Thursday, 25 July 2013


I've had a young Russian staying as an Inter-Bridge student for the last three weeks. I designed a personalised package for him and he has been able to see quite a bit of UK. For the first week he stayed with my daughter and her family in Faringdon and attended school there. For the second week he stayed with the family of another Inter-Bridge teacher and for the third week he has been under my wing.
We have spent the last couple of days in the Highlands of Scotland and right now we are on the train on the way back to Cambridgeshire. He has enjoyed his stay and his immersion in the language but is now looking forward to returning to Moscow to his family.
Here are a few photos of his time with us:
Ralia - an ice-cream stop on the way North

The gardens at Dunrobin castle, Golspie

One of these is a scarecrow

Loch Ness: now, where's the monster?

N.B. I'm at home now as East Coast WiFi didn't have enough bandwidth to allow me to upload these pictures to my blog. However they more than came up trumps when they agreed to pay for a taxi to Ramsey because the train was 10 minutes late and we had just missed the last bus out to the sticks. Ten points, and my gratitude, to East Coast train company.

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