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Monday, 8 July 2013

251:I am a mole and I live in a hole!

Moscow subway gets new circle line

An interesting article today from Russia Behind the Headlines concerning the expansion of the Moscow metro. It seems it is currently the third largest in the world - behind Tokyo and Seoul.
It currently serves an average of 7 million passengers a day. The article goes on to say that this equates to a density of 8 people per square metre during rush hour. Take it from me - that is sardine-like density.
It is very lucky that I have enough Russian to say "I'm terribly sorry madam, that's my mobile phone you can feel".

The authorities are planning to build another circle line, 32 miles long. Personally I'm not sure how that is going to help. It's OK having extra passengers going around this new circle line but the time will come when they want to stop going round and round and go into the centre to work, or shop.

I can spend hours each day on the metro and sometimes feel as if I spend more time underground than a mole.
Please allow me to stress that I have in mind the first meaning of the word in the linked dictionary and disassociate myself from the second meaning.

The young student I wrote about in my last blog has successfully arrived in UK and met up with my daughter and her family. I think he will have an interesting, and hopefully enjoyable, 3 weeks ahead of him in a variety of different environments and locations.

Today's song is a fun song for even younger students.


  1. Moscow without Metro - what it will be? :)

  2. I agree with the comment and I think the Moscow metro is the best in the world.

  3. Any news coming out of Moscow concerning that Snowden fellow from America? It has quietened down a bit over here as expected.