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Saturday, 13 July 2013

252:It's a mystery!

252, the number of today's blog, is not a mystery at all to any British soldiers reading this. It is the number of the charge report form that is completed whenever you are marched in front of the OC or CO for any misdemeanours. Takes me back a few years. A few of those forms have had my name on - especially in my wilder days!

I got home from work yesterday evening to find my hot water supply had been restored, as promised. What indescribable joy to have a hot shower. 

Today's story though is about a local mystery that has me intrigued. Every week or so, there is a procession of young men, mostly black, carrying boxes from a collection point somewhere down a long track that appears to lead nowhere and taking them to the metro station at Kantimirovskaya and on from there I know not where. 

Sometimes they abandon the boxes and just take the contents so I've had the opportunity to look at the labels on the boxes. They appear to contain a magazine called Flirt. Occasionally, as you pass a line of parked cars, it is possible to see that a copy of this magazine has been placed behind every car's windscreen wiper. I took one once just to see what it was like. I must confess I had no great yearning to become a subscriber.

I wonder why these young men have to make such a long journey to collect these magazines and take them for onward distribution. I took a couple of hurried photos of them yesterday - which didn't please them at all. 

Today's video clip is, appropriately, Toyah (Willcox) singing "It's a mystery" on Top of the Pops.

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