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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

295: Skating on thin ice & beautification

Skating on thin ice is an English idiom that means doing something (dangerous) that involves risk. The fishermen here certainly seem to be doing something dangerous that involves risk. It's impossible to understand their mentality. The sign says "caution - thin ice"!!! And there they are crouching a bit like Rodin's "the thinker".

Now the snow has almost disappeared armies of migrant workers are out cleaning Moscow's parks and gardens ready for planting instant grass and countless thousands of daffodils. Before the May day holidays the city will be transformed. From grey (note the British English spelling) to green.

And for a video clip? Tulips from Amsterdam? That's what I was looking for but I stumbled across this little gem (?) instead: "British popular community singalong - 40 tunes with lyrics" - many popular from about the time of the 2nd World War and some even earlier. Love it. Good to listen to whenever you're feeling maudlin!

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