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Sunday, 1 September 2013

262: September already

Sometimes it seems as though I spend half my life underground, on the metro and on the long long metro escalators. I can usually guess what the weather is like 'up top' by reference to the length of the skirts that the girls are wearing. Looking at this one I thought "ah, yes, must be late Summer. Autumn is just around the corner."

Before Autumn does decide to arrive I thought I would have a wander around VVTs - the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. This place is enormous and caters not only for all manner of exhibitions in the huge pavilions but also for the fun-loving public. Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday. 

I'm not sure at what age a disinclination to take some of these "extreme" rides comes into being but I do know that such thrills are not for me any more. Come to think of it, you don't see many senior citizens whizzing round on these things. It's not just me then!

Instead of a video clip I though I might offer a sound clip this morning. The rain started even before I got home from the park yesterday and continued all night. This is the sound of the rain on the balcony outside my bedroom. It is lucky I'm usually a heavy sleeper.
Sorry, this is going to have to wait until I figure out how to upload the sound clip. 

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