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Friday, 4 May 2018

409: Prim and proper

prim and proper: (of a person) very correctly behaved and easily shocked by anything that is rude. Perhaps that was me once but that would have been a long time ago.
What prompted me to write this particular heading? I was in Reus the other day and walked past the statue of General Prim. He was born in Reus in 1814 and shot by unknown assassin(s) in Madrid in 1870, aged 56.
I liked not just the statue but the Spanish architecture in the background.Reus is full of narrow streets and I often get lost, Wednesday was no exception. In a way it was deliberate because that's the best way of finding new and interesting things. (Short of going into a tourist office and asking!). The tourist office is just next to another interesting statue in Reus "the statue of the giant Indian"
The architecture in the background is not quite so impressive. 
My last picture today was taken in another square in Reus. The yellow ribbons, in loops, and the new Catalonian flags with one star, show that Catalunya has certainly not abandoned its claim for independence from the rest of Spain.
And finally, May the fourth be with you... Here is a trailer for the new Star Wars film:

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