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Sunday, 29 November 2015

358: Kazimierz Dolniy - again

358 blogs in and I can't avoid some repetition. I last visited Kazimierz Dolniy on 8th March. Went there again yesterday and came back today. (I have to go to many places twice just to apologize! :)) I hired a 'pot luck' car from SixT at Chopin airport and they gave me a Renault Megane. Nice car with an integral Satnav, which worked very well once I'd figured out how to change the masculine Polish voice to 'Jane' from UK. The car was almost new and sparkly clean when I got it. 24 hours, 360 km, and some Polish weather later it came back filthy. The weather was OK yesterday but it was dark by the time I got there. Looking out of the window after dinner I noticed we had had snow! Driving back today the snow had melted off the roads but was still lying on the fields. By the time I got to Warsaw there was no sign of it. By the time I got to Mlociny it was raining.
I stayed in the same hotel as last time (Zajazd Piastowski or, in English, The Piastovski Inn) and treated myself to a sauna before dinner last night. And a beer, or two, of course. It was a nice hotel despite the name, which might suggest that one could easily be displeased with it! I'm not explaining it - you either fall in or you don't!

I'm always impressed by the roadside shrines. They are in every village and town and always well-tended. 

A busy week coming up. Busier than it has been since before summer. Finally I'll be able to pay my rent :) And there's me taking half of December off. Just as business was picking up. Oh well, you can't take it with you. Just heard of another two colleagues from my military days who have contracted cancer and are about to start their chemo. Live for today. If & when tomorrow comes it's a blessing.
Finally, a tongue in cheek offering from Face Book, whilst I'm on the subject of poor health.

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