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Sunday, 1 November 2015

356: Lazy Sunday afternoon!

This is so not me, sitting here, in my little flat in Warsaw, at 2.30 in the afternoon (dentist's time), and still with a towel wrapped around my waist - which is what passes for pyjamas in this household. I had my morning lesson, from 7 to 8, and then had the bright idea to go back to bed, or at least to go and lie on it "for a few minutes". I fell into a deep slumber until almost 11.30.  Woke up feeling almost refreshed and then committed my second sin of the day by turning on the computer and playing stupid solitaire. But it was OK, I only did it for an hour and a half! Doh! The trouble with taking "down time" like this is that outstanding jobs-to-do stack up behind you and the rest of the day becomes a matter of prioritizing and deciding which jobs must be done today and which can slip until tomorrow or, possibly, the day after. There are some lessons for tomorrow which I haven't yet prepared. That is a cardinal sin, to go into the classroom with nothing in the back pocket. The thought of being 60 minutes into a 90 minute lesson and having covered all the pre-planned material and having nothing in reserve fills me with dread. It happens occasionally and is one of the reasons why I like the job. The adrenalin "buzz" from thinking on your feet is, usually but not always, satisfying.
What day is it today? Sunday 1st November. All Saints' Day, especially in Catholic countries. Here in Poland, absolutely everybody goes to visit the grave(s) of their loved ones. The authorities even lay on buses to ferry people to the cemeteries. People place a candle, or perhaps a little lantern, at the graveside. When I realized yesterday that all the shops would be closed in Poland today I scurried off to my local supermarket. It was dark and quite an impressive sight passing the local cemetery on the tram and seeing the glow from hundreds of lanterns. Here is a picture from Google images.
Image result for all saints' day
What day is it tomorrow? Monday 2nd November. All Souls' Day, when Catholics in particular pray for their dearly departed.
No more. I've rambled on for long enough - perhaps too long.  Must crack on and do SOMETHING, even if it's only making a list!
My very best wishes to my dear sister who will be retiring at the end of this week. I wish her every happiness. Sorry to be missing the party on Saturday.

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