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Sunday, 19 April 2015

335: Acrophobia

Acrophobia - a fear of acros? No,  it is an irrational fear of heights. From the Greek "acron" meaning peak, or summit, or edge. Wikipedia suggests that most people experience a degree of natural fear when exposed to heights. Unfortunately, with me it even happens thinking about being exposed to heights. I had a one-off lesson at the Inter-Continental hotel in Warsaw on Wednesday and as soon as I discovered it had 42 floors I broke into a sweat. I was more than a little worried that the classroom would be on a higher floor than I could cope with. It wouldn't have mattered if they had offered 100 times the pittance I get for teaching I still wouldn't have gone. Lady luck was looking after me and the lesson took place on the 7th floor. Even the knowledge that there were 42 floors caused me a degree of trepidation but I was able to cope. The lesson went well.

I'm in one of the business lounges at Warsaw Chopin airport waiting for a flight back to London. I have an annual subscription to designated business lounges in most airports of the world. Being such a frequent traveller it is money well-spent.
However, I'm often surprised by the differences in what is offered to the 'business traveller' across the various lounges. Some offer a hot meal and others, like this one here at Warsaw Chopin, only a meagre selection. But they have G&T so I keep coming back!
Must dash, I've just seen the "go to gate" warning.

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