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Sunday, 5 April 2015

333: A plague of locusts has descended! :)

The family has/have arrived (and since departed). I say has/have because grammatically either is correct.  Family is one of the so-called group nouns and can be either countable or non-countable. So we can say either "my family is very dear to me" or "I have a large family. They are very dear to me." In the second example family = the members of my family. More details, for any pedants reading this who want to know more, from the British Council 
The first thing I had to do was lay out the alcohol for inspection and subsequent consumption.

And the very next day the touristy program began:
Friday to Warsaw old town, courtesy of a tourist hop-on, hop-off bus. (I'm reminded of the term RORO meaning a roll-on,roll-off ferry or cargo carrying vehicle usually with openings at either end.)

and a very nice meal at restaurant Portretowa in the evening, having been press-ganged there by the giant on the right of the picture.

and Saturday on to Lodz (which is pronounced in Polish as Woodzh) by Polski bus and back by Regional Railways. 
On the return trip the train was stopped at some middle-of-nowhere station and the female guard/conductress announced that we were waiting for the arrival of the police. Those of us not carrying a passport were seen to be perspiring gently for fear of being hauled off for questioning. Eventually the train left before the police came. We arrived back in Warsaw only half an hour or so late. On to The British Bulldog for an evening meal and some British ale. I know, when in Rome....

And now I'm back on my own, and pleasantly surprised at how much alcohol is left. I would have liked to go shopping tomorrow to top up on food after the locusts cleaned me out but tomorrow is a public holiday and everywhere is closed. Never mind, I shan't starve.

Happy Easter everybody....

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