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Friday, 27 June 2014

305: An old joke

My holiday on the Costa Brava is coming to an end. I will fly back to the UK tomorrow. Good timing - the French ATC have called off their strike and the airlines have worked through their backlog.
A shortage of material today (for some reason my phone photos won't upload to dropbox) so I will regale (bore?) you with a very old joke. It is a mix of fact and fiction and I will leave you to decide which is fact and which is embellished.
I went for a run today in the heat of the mid-afternoon sun. I wanted to kill two birds with one stone by topping up the tan and working on the fitness at the same time. Not really the best time of the day to run though with the rays of the sun beating down. I ran out along the beach at a pace of 5:1 (5 minutes gentle jogging and 1 minute walking). After 30 minutes I decided to turn back and this time the sun was in front of me. I slowed the pace right down to 1:1 and even so I almost became dehydrated and started thinking about water. Halfway along the beach there was a tent set up on the sand. When I looked in there was a man selling ties. Nothing else, only ties. What do I want with a stupid tie I thought.
I pushed on, gagging for a drink. When I finally made it back to the hotel there was another tent. This time they had water but, just as I was about to go in, they stopped me and said "no admission without a tie!"
Ran past some people playing petanque (big boys' marbles!)
Have a nice weekend.

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