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Friday, 6 June 2014

302: We're having a heatwave....

Blog number 302 but it could also be the temperature 30.2. In typical British understatement I've been mentioning to my students that it is a little warm.
It briefly broke this afternoon when there was a storm in parts of Moscow but that has passed over and the sultry heat has returned. It'll be good to get to Spain for some cooler weather!
A poster informed me that yesterday was "Eco friendly day in Russia" Both the government and the mindset of the people need to undergo radical change before recycling and green issues are taken seriously throughout Russia but it is enormously encouraging that they have started along that road.

This says something like "do your bit! Life starts with you"
5th June - ecology day in Russia

  Today's video clip is of Marilyn Monroe singing "we're having  a heatwave" from the 1954 film "there's no business like show business"

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