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Sunday, 4 May 2014

298: Morag's visit - Part II

A picture tells a thousand words........
Here are just a few of the pictures.....
Old Arbat, old building. I didn't want to let go, in case it fell down

At the Bolshoi - semi-formal attire

The eternal flame - see, not all of Russia's finest are on the Ukraine border. These are part of the Kremlin Guard - the crème de la crème

The State historical museum - decked out ready for the victory parade next week.

Russia has surprises around every corner - this is the toy shop where Morag bought some of her presents to take home

Sergeev Posaad (Zagorsk). I took the same picture 35 years ago!

This morning we went for a run in Park Dubki.                    This is the before the run photo....

And this needs no explanation!

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