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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

282: It's a big box.....

I have fond memories of the auction house that used to be in Ramsey. Two memories in particular: the first one was when I was inside the auction room watching was going on when suddenly my Dad appeared at the door, saw me and waved. Unfortunately he waved just at the moment they were auctioning an old television and his "bid" was accepted! It took all my powers of persuasion before they agreed that he didn't have to pay for it and it was auctioned again. The second memory is when they used to sell second-hand computers, some in boxes with other 'bits and pieces'. I remember the auctioneer used to say "it must be good, it's in a big box"!
My treadmill arrived this afternoon. It must be good, it was in a big box! Wish I had decided to pay the extra to have it put together. I managed, of course, but that's the afternoon gone. I had to test it out as well and can report that everything is functioning as it should - apart from me, I need to get my breath back. Let's hope this is the beginning of a long and healthy relationship between me and the treadmill.
Quite a coincidence that it arrived today - so did the Russian winter. -8 outside and the temperature is falling all the time. Whereas on the treadmill my temperature, and pulse rate, was rising. No selfies!

The video clip has to be the inspirational Vangelis "Chariots of Fire".

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