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Saturday, 7 December 2013

277: flight delayed, but so what

Anyone who has ever travelled anywhere by train in Russia will be able to identify with these photos. Looking out of the window, there are trees everywhere, mile after mile after mile. This was just on the 45 minute journey from Moscow out to Domodedovo airport but I've been on longer journeys (20 hours+) where trees begin to bore you. Russia could exist for ever making and selling matches!

This next photo is the wintry view through the window of the S7 business lounge at Domodedovo airport. I dithered for ages and ages about treating myself to a card to give me access to business lounges so I can relax before the flight (Domodedovo at the weekend is like Wembley stadium on cup final day). Already I am pleased I decided to "waste" the money because today's flight to UK has been delayed due to a software "glitch" at Swanwick Air Traffic Control centre. Have to take care not to drink too many free beers though - must save myself for the G&T on the plane, and wine with dinner. I've picked a seat right at the back of the 747 jumbo jet and, with luck, perhaps there'll be nobody else there and I can stretch out across several seats. A well-seasoned, and sometimes half-pickled, traveller.

The video clip could only be "leaving on a jet plane"from John Denver. Apologies if I've posted it already. One day, I'll catalogue the photos and videos on the blog. One day!

Word perfect? Marvellous, I haven't drunk too much then! Nice weekend everybody.

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