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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

395: Late? or early?

One of the great joys of being (semi-)retired, and living on my own for most of the time, is that I can do things on a whim. Yesterday's 'whim' wasn't altogether successful when I stood waiting for a bus at two different bus stop and saw the buses go whizzing past without stopping. I was not impressed at the time but, hey, no big deal. Eventually I ended up in Tarragona and the day managed to put itself back on an even keel.
Today's 'whim' involved a short trip to Reus, a lovely old town 15 minutes away by bus. This time I was standing at the right bus stop at the right time and the right bus stopped. Marvellous! Once I got to Reus I decided to wander around some streets I hadn't visited before. I took pictures of the following unusual, for me at any rate, sights:
Evidently Santa is still doing his rounds. Unless he's very early for next year...

A shop window display. These bears were all moving

A log with clothes and a face. The basket between its legs contained small packets of food.
For a video clip I thought of Donovan's 1960's hit: "sunshine came softly through my window today" - because it did! Roll on Spring!

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