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Saturday, 3 June 2017

384: Bring on the McDonalds!

I'm in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. My last chance to explore this particular part of North East Europe before my move to Spain at the end of the month. I can say that I have at least tried the local food. Yesterday evening I found myself in a "cafe" two minutes away from my hotel (Vilnius City Hotel). The menu was only in Lithuanian and I had not a word of that particular language to my name (I have since discovered that if you make a sound as if you're sneezing, "achoo", then that means thank you).  So, back to the old tried and tested method of closing the eyes and jabbing a finger somewhere on the menu. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I ended up with a Lithuanian staple called cepelinai but it wasn't for me I'm afraid. Back to the hotel and to bed with a beer. You can't go wrong with a beer. Unless you have too many and then, of course, there is the potential to go very wrong.
Luckily, this morning, during my walkabout, I found a McDonalds. Right in front of the station. Haven't ventured inside yet but I feel more comfortable now I know it is there as a standby. :)

A few selected pics from my perambulations this morning. Some I've captioned and some not. Off to Kaunas tomorrow - probably, before flying back to Warsaw on Monday.

This so reminds me of Odessa with the locals laying out their wares for private sale.
A very ornate covered market. I though it was the train station when I saw it first.


Graffiti? or street art? It certainly gets the message across.

Lots of old wooden houses around - at least in this one there is a large choice of TV channels to watch.

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