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Thursday, 10 March 2016

364: Spring has sprung

According to the latest issue of SAGA (Sex Annually, Generally August) magazine there are three dates that are used to suggest Spring has arrived. The first is meteorological spring, based on temperatures. That is 1st March. Then there is the more familiar astronomical spring: this year March 20th is the day the earth's tilt on its axis is neither towards nor away from the sun. Thirdly, Solar seasons are based on how much sunlight there is: the first day of solar spring was February 1st. 
I would like to contribute a fourth: the day I put on my running shoes after the winter! Today, to coincide with a rare morning off, I donned running shoes (and various other items of clobber) and ventured out onto Warsaw's streets. My last run was on 31st October so it was back to the very beginning of this fitness chart. I very much doubt that I will be at 30 minutes running, no walking, after 8 weeks but surely I'll be a few steps nearer returning to a reasonable level of fitness.

 I was in London a couple of weeks back and, to ring the changes, I decided to use the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) for part of my trip. This is a modern, driver-less, system that runs on rails to many parts of East London. Here are a few of the pictures I took on my journey from Lewisham to Bank.

What else has been happening. Not very much. 16 lessons this week - meeting myself coming back. Would have been 17 but yesterday evening's lesson was cancelled. Thankfully I shall still get paid for it as if it had taken place. I plan to take some time off on Saturday and go to see the new action film London has fallen. What a bonus that many foreign films here are shown in the original language with subtitles in Polish. The other bonus is that I get a concessionary rate by virtue of being (a little bit) old.
To finish, naturally enough, the Spencer Davis group singing "Keep on Running" from 1965.

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