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Thursday, 4 February 2016

362: Fat Thursday & thin building

Today, Thursday 4th February, is known in Poland as Fat Thursday. Traditionally Polish people stuff themselves with doughnuts before the religious fast begins that is part and parcel of Lent.

Regular readers of my blog may remember that I’m not very good with heights, despite being a frequent flyer. Today was a major milestone in my struggle with this particular phobia. I had a new student coming on-stream. She works on the 19th floor of an office block. The mountain was kind enough to come to Mohammed (in the Costa Coffee shop on the ground floor) but I knew that if I didn’t climb this particular mountain today then each subsequent week would get progressively more difficult. So, get in the lift and fight the demons. I can report that they were successfully banished. At least for today. Then home for a stiff zubrovka, or two. 

To finish, a classic you tube clip from High Noon entitled “Donut forsake me oh my darling”. Doh!

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