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Thursday, 22 January 2015

324: Krakow

Last weekend I went to Krakow. Almost five hours to get there on Polski bus and half that to come back on an Inter City express train. Polski bus much cheaper, train much faster. To have gone there and back by bus would have sapped the will to live so it was a very wise choice to come back by train.
I had booked into the 4* Amadeus hotel for the Saturday night but when I arrived I was told they were fully booked so they had upgraded me to the Holiday Inn. Very nice too. I can, and do, appreciate 4* and 5* hotels from a comfort point of view but the prices in the bars and restaurants make the eyes water a bit. Still, you only live once!
I enjoyed my visit to Krakow very much. I would like to make the comparison that as Brugge is to Belgium so Krakow is to Poland. They are both jewels in a tourist's crown.
Here are a few pics to mark the occasion.

Is there a town anywhere in Europe that doesn't have figures like these coming out for a look around every hour or so!

Time for lunch. Polish pierogi. in a cafe dedicated to music. Instruments and sheet music everywhere.

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