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Saturday, 16 August 2014

311: Iceland, land of ice and fire

I'm back in Cambridgeshire after having spent 3 days in Iceland. Impressions? Beautiful country, prices as expensive as Moscow or perhaps even more so, and (mostly) friendly and generous people, with an unusual sense of humour. Would I go back? Yes, but I'd need to save up again first! The dream ticket, after I win the lottery, would include a flight around the island in a helicopter,  whale and puffin watching and sea fishing, and horse riding across the lava fields.

fish and chips in a bucket. KFC eat your heart out.

Free wrapping paper in the shopping centre

How about this for a comfortable relax in the mall

Look how open the banks are

Just some old geyser

365 days a year for millenia!

The view at 03.45, taking whilst waiting for the marshrutka!

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