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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

286: Money laundering (отмывание)

Lady luck is smiling down on me. Due to a lesson cancellation this morning I found myself catching up with some ironing. There in the pocket of one of the shirts were five very clean banknotes totalling some 1750 roubles (about £35). I must try not to do that again - probably won't be quite so lucky next time.

I hope the guys in the picture are as lucky. They are repairing the road and there are only two traffic cones between them and oblivion. In UK we would have two miles worth. We usually have too many and Russia too few. We need a happy medium (who remembers Mystic Meg, from our television screens in 1994? Incidentally, she still writes horoscopes for the Sun - or so they tell me.)

If any of my UK readers would be interested in any of the furniture I am in the process of removing from my late mum's house then please click on this link to my website to see photos and make me an offer I can't refuse!

On 3rd February 1959 Buddy Holly was killed in an air crash. Click here for more details. Don McLean immortalized the tragedy with his 1972 hit American Pie

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